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Rajkamal Saraswati Vidya Mandir
Wisdom comes with years but knowledge comes bit by bit through laborious search and other many a weary step. RSVM strives to impart thoughtful and up to date quality education with a view to equipping the students to face the challenges around them and cope up with the fast changing and highly competitive scenario.

Our objective is directed towards improving the course curriculum given by CBSE and providing students with continuous interaction with innovative and new ideas of our highly qualified teachers. We believe that a sound foundation in our own socio cultural values is necessary to produce disciplined, educated and good citizens for our motherland. We therefore aim at the development of a total personality by instilling in them the ethical and spiritual values in our students. .

Kinder Garden

The Class rooms are scientifically designed and decorated with scenery of beautiful landscapes to introduce play method teaching within four walls.

Secondary (Boys & Girls)

The students under go major psycho-physiological changes in the early years of secondary classes and hence this period is very much crucial.

10 +2 (Science)

Quality of education for all the subject & Well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Bio Lab along with Math Lab. Seprate classes for Boy´s & Girl´s.

10 +2 (Commerce)

Quality of education for all the subject. Seprate classes for Boy´s & Girl´s.

  • Rajkamal Saraswati Vidya Mandir School is one of India's leading schools with an excellent reputation. It is about the spirit, morals and ethics of India. The spirit, that makes human beings humane, pervades the school, moulding scholars and sportsmen to steer India in its path of progress. A historic, natural and tranquil institution away from the din of the city nurtures an ideal educational environment for both students and teachers. A blend of tradition and modernity, this institution has hues of history and achievement in the air which impart a natural impetus to our quest for excellence in all spheres of life.

  • Bricks and mortar do not an institution make. However, since these houses the paraphernalia needed to keep body and mind in the right frame, constant improvement in infrastructure.

    1. Dr. Hedgewar Vigyan Bhawan(Science)
    2. Mathematics Laboratory
    3. Social Science Laboratory
    4. Home Science Department
    5. Music Department
    6. Computer Lab
    7. Library & Reading Room
    8. Audio-Visual Hall
    9. Sports Department

    And many more..

School Bulletien

School Gallery